[HELP] BowlMaster - Unity 2018.2 - How to show mesh on 3D objects?



I’m new to 3D, and I know I’m using a version of unity that is beyond what the video says to use. I figure that if it says we can use 2017, then perhaps 2018 would be okay?

In any case, when I click on the bowling ball or a bowling pin, the mesh does not show, while in Scene view, as it does when Ben clicks on these objects.

Do I need to set something? Or is this just the way 2018 is?
thank you


Is the mesh renderer on it? Does it have a checkbox?

After putting a ball in the scene, clickon the ball in the heiarvhy and press “F” to focus on it. Maybe it’s just under the lane or something and needs to be moved up?

Try dragging the soccer ball texture (from the assets) onto the ball (in the hierarchy list). What happens?


Thanks for your reply.

Mesh Renderer checked? yes
ball is focused-on
dragging the texture onto the ball is how I did it.

Same situation for all objects. I just don’t know how to show the mesh. In the tutorial, Ben talks about the resolution of the different meshes, but I can’t see what he’s saying. I’m bummed.


We’ll probably need plenty of screenshots to help.