[Help] Apparence

Hello guys, i have an apparence problem. If my mouse is on Start, it doesnt highligh, but if I move the mouse left with 3-4 cm , it works.
Here is a screenshot.

The point I drew on the screenshot, is the point where the buttons works.

I was just looking on here for the same reason, on my screen the highlight moves around too.
The reason seems to be that Unity has set up the Canvas as the same resolution of my ultrawide screen. When I chose to play in a lower 4:3 resolution it messed up the coordination between text and button.
Running in native resolution solves the issue for me, and I guess lower resolutions with the same aspect ratio would work as well.

I ran into the same problem. Experimenting found that running fullscreen at native resolution or running in windowed mode fixed the problem. I did a Google search and found this to be a known problem that seems to have been fixed with mixed results in later versions of Unity (5.0+).

In the game window is your aspect set to a fixed ratio or does it say ‘Free Aspect.’ This can cause a lot of problems like this!

If you pick a fixed aspect like 4:3 it should work fine.

Let me know if this helps!

I had the same issue, running the game in Windowed mode resolved it.

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