Hello :P

Just going through the Unity C# 3D course and it’s telling me to come introduce myself. Hello internet :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m mostly a casual 3D artist at the moment. I’m a 3D game animation college grad from a small Canadian town who has had short stints of related employment here and there. I have been falling out of game development/art since I started my current day job back in January and have been procrastinating hardcore. My art portfolio is old, and most of my professional experience has been with Unity/Mecanim. I want to be able to make environments with objects and npcs that do the things I write them to do. I’m here to work learning to program back into my schedule so I can have a better chance at someday having a job at a computer desk or work from home again someday and still bring home a paycheque I can live on.

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Welcome to the community Mike, great to have you aboard. Looking forward to seeing what you create and share with us :slight_smile:

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