Hello New Guy here

Hello everyone my name is Anthony and I am currently taking the Unreal Engine C++ course. I am currently a Java programmer but I have always been interested in creating games. Video games are actually the reason why I wanted to be a programmer but I ended up getting a job in software development instead, but now I am really excited to learn how games are built and how I can transfer my java programming knowledge to C++.

I look forward to receiving advice from you all as I go through this journey of learning Unreal with C++.


Im a lifetime behind you as far as programming goes, however, welcome aboard and its always fun to see people get a spark of inspiration and excitement about learning :smiley: (Im no one of significance, I just saw your post in the feed)


Well to our community Anthony, great to have your hear and we will look forward to seeing your work as you progress through the course(s)! Be sure to share with us your progress and if you have any question, fire away - there is a real sense of community here and so many people are always willing to help :slight_smile:

Everyone in our community is of importance :slight_smile:

Whether it’s the work they share, the help they give, or the questions they ask - I have yet to see a contribution that didn’t add value to our growing community :slight_smile:

Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

As the first response in my first thread you are definitely of great importance :smile:
Thank you for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

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:D, Thanks guys, I meant, more along the lines of, I wasn’t a moderator or anything like that. (I’m still getting used to how forums work, heh)

@alyons Have you made any games or game components (like art or code, you mentions java) like, at home as a hobby or something?

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@mnemonicon Nope this will be my first time trying to work on a game. I mostly have been working on creating websites.

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hey Anthony, I am another Anthony who also has some past coding experience :smiley: hope to see some of your creations later on and great to see that the program is active and healthy!

btw I’m hoping to make 2 kinds of games in the future one a FPS and the other a open world multiplayer sandbox! whether this course will teach me the whole multiplayer aspect idk but hopefully I can grow from this

good luck in your studies and may your games become great someday ^-^

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Hello Anthony :smile: I haven’t gotten to far in the course but so far I have learned a lot. Im not sure if this course includes how to add multiplayer to your games but I hope it does.

I hope that you enjoy the course and I look forward to seeing some of your creations in the future. :slight_smile:

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Just started the Udemy course today as well. My over all goal is to develop my skills in 3d modeling and build my portfolio.

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