Hello. My Program won't run when hitting Play

My program compiles, allows me to edit the Unreal landscape. When I go to play the program to see if things are going as planned, the program crashes. I tried uploading the log file but it won’t let me upload a log file. I tried saving the file as a .png, . jpeg, .jpg. All those files don’t upload because the image is corrupted. The log is too big to copy and paste. I can Email whoever responds the file if need be.
Thank you for the help!

Use pastebin.com

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Thank you Dan! Here are my logs.

Are you sure the actor has a terminal component?

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Here are my components as well as the crash report, if that helps.

Could you also show your code?

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I appreciate you taking the time Dan. You are a great human.

Super::BeginPlay needs to be first before calls to PrintLine as that will initialise the Terminal variable that is used for PrintLine

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This fixed the issue. Thank you dan. You were a lot of help.

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