Hello! I'm Nicholas

My name is Nicholas, and I’m taking the game-jobs course because I’m trying to reinvent myself after 48 years. I’ve always loved game design, but had no direction to follow on how to make a living out of creating games. I’m really hoping to get my toolbelt organized and find those first steps to take to get out there.
As for what my ideal job in the industry would be… golly, I don’t know. I’m sure everyone says “writer,” so I’ll forego that answer, lol. My experience lies in office management and teamwork coordination, so I think some kind of facilitator or organizer would come most naturally to me. On the other hand, I have been having nothing but fun learning about Blender and c# with Unity, so asset creation or possibly development might work out as well.
Then again, I have been doing some acting lately, and have a tiny bit of experience with narration and voice acting… I don’t think my stained glass, baking, or soap-making skills would be of much value to a dev team, but you never know.
So, all things considered, I think I might be best equipped to be a junior artist in 3D asset creation, or a pretty useful project coordinator.
Though, of course, my dream of dreams would be to have a hand in writing the stories.

You should pursue your dreams Nicholas!

After reading what you wrote, I see that you are a man of many talents, and you should use those talents to pursue your dreams. I would suggest continuing your current job for now and working on improving the skills that will allow you to achieve your dreams.

I am a 14 year old boy who has a dream of building games, but obviously for me being somebody who goes to highschool and plays competitive sports, I need to just try to find a time to sharpen my skills, and it really works out just trying to set aside that time to pursue your dreams. I currently set aside an hour every day just to learn more and more, and trust me, that hour every day really builds up.

So if have a passion, and stick with it, anything can happen, I believe in you bro.

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