Hello I'm a new user of unreal engine and ı have udemy course can you help me?

when firing, my character moves sideways and pushes me downwards. However, when I approach the table in front of me to fire, I don’t move because I collide with it. How can I fix this issue?"

We don’t get enough context for a precise answer.

But it seems that you are spawning a projectile right in the middle of your player. That might explain your observation.

Possible fixes I could suggest:

  • Modify what you feed into the Spawn Transform Location so that the projectile does not overlap with your player after spawning:
    • quick and dirty - by something based on your forward vector,
    • a bit nicer - by using a scene component in your player actor that represents a spawn point, e.g. the business end of a weapon
  • modify collision settings of the involved blueprints so that the player does not collide with projectiles that it shoots
  • Choose “AdjustIfPossibleButAlwaysSpawn” in CollisionHandlingOverride, but I think that might lead to the projectile spawning in unsatisfying locations.

thanks mate ı can handle it finally.thanks for your time.

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