Hello from Italy

Hello Everyone! I’m Luca, from Italy. I’ve been a passionate gamer from when I was a kid and always had a dream of learning how to develop my own games. At the moment I don’t have a Job and finding it really hard to find one so I tought that, since I’m having forced free time, I decided that instead of spending my days playing and doing nothing I would take the chance and decided it was the right time to put all my efford into learning games creatiion.

After all, as people say, every problem hides and opportunity.

I’ve already done 2 complete pixel art courses so I’m able to create my own graphics, now I’m starting with the Unity 2D course. I’ve also bought the 3D one and the RPG one but those will be for the future. I also plan on adding blender courses in the far future.

My favourite kind of games are rpgs (both action or Jrpg… a little least a fan of western rpg style) but also action and metroidvania.

Ready to give it my all :slight_smile:

Guess I’ll see you all soon as i keep doing challenges from the courses :smiley:

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