Hello from Colorado USA!

Hi. I’m Jason. I’m a teacher in Colorado who’s always wanted to make games. I’ve been playing with unity for a little while but I’m ready to sink my teeth in and get to work!

Good Luck! ME TOO!
Except I am a Line Cook at a chicken salad resteruant, been passionate about making games for 10 years but haven’t been able to pick up unity until about a couple months ago. Just got a good grasp on it 1 month in, and there is so much to learn.
Show me some of your projects would love to see them.

Hi Jordan!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I’ve mostly been playing with Unity and hoping to get better. I don’t know much about code, or Unity, but I’m excited to learn and I’m enjoying the process.

Longmont here. Jumping into coding for the first time in hopes to someday work with VR for medical training.

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