Hello everyone, I'm Lucas Bittencourt!

Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Bittencourt. I’m 23, brazilian and married. I’m currently a Computer Engineering student on my local college, and a Software Engineering student online.
I’ve recently had a Computer Graphics Intro class on college, and as a final project I had to deliver a 3D game made from scratch. I also had a Computer Graphics Advanced class that taught Path Tracing as a technique to do some physically based rendering. Since these classes, I’ve really started liking both 3D rendering and game designing. I’ve had this course for some time on Udemy, and it was about time I started doing it!
I really enjoy programming, and I know C++, Java and Python. I also know a little bit of JavaScript and PHP, but I’m not big on Web Development. I hope that I can learn a lot from this course and this community!

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