Hello Everyone 2

I got another render, I’m waiting for your opinions. Good day to everyone

I am waiting for your opinions and suggestions.


The model, material, and lighting are looking good.
It lacks composition.
Where lies the focus? What are you trying to express …
What are you trying to tell the viewer?

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Very nicely done. I like the nice indoor lighting that gives a soft shadow on the floor, and the metal arms and feet of the chair are just bright enough without being too shiny.

The leather of the chair also looks well put together, but I’m thinking if the person is heavyset (overweight), it might not hold him up well. Oh, and I’m not used to seeing office chairs with 8 legs. The one I’m sitting in at the moment only has 4 legs, so removing 4 of them would be more realistic.

Other than that, it’s a very nice render, though that table looks huge, which may look that way because you placed it much closer to the camera.


Over all as has been said very nice chair.
First thing I thought was too many legs/wheels 4 or 5 would be normal, expected.

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I have two computers, one for normal level and the other for rendering.
The picture you see above was taken from a normal device. As the number of polygons increases, it becomes difficult to work with.
I made a mistake while joining the legs, I duplicated them, but I couldn’t undo them. It had more than ten wheels.
There is no composition, I just wanted to make a detailed chair.
There is an error in the uvmap on the leather part, I could not fix it. When I switch to my other computer, I will render it again and share it here.
Thank you to everyone who commented and liked.
Sorry for my English, I’m using translation.


Sorry, I was a bit crude in my earlier message!
If the chair was your goal, then show it fully (no table needed ~ is a part of the composition).
I would have changed the rotation of the wheels. When the chair is used they probably would point in the same direction.

Have fun, show more work or maybe an update of the chair!


I have just started the application, I know I have a lot of design mistakes, it would be better if you tell me about my mistakes, thank you.
I modeled from scratch again. I still have my mistakes, but as you point out my mistakes, I will get better rendering.

I couldn’t make the background


Then I assume the background I’m seeing is just an image? Not having the background you want is causing the chair to not have a soft shadow on the floor as your first attempt did which, in turn, is making me think it’s floating a little above the floor.

The chair itself, however, is looking good, and I’m really liking the 5 legs much better than the original 8 in your last render. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The leg number is looking much better to me. However I would check the size of the wheels. They feel small to me but chairs do have a wide variety. The arm rests seem a bit thin, but that may be just me thinking they are uncomfortable to rest my arms on! :slightly_smiling_face:

When making real things it always helps to have good reference that you can follow or measure. Or just images found on line.


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