Hello! An introduction


I’m Jessyka, a brazilian/international developer. I came here from Udemy (UE4 course) and I’m introducing myself.

I’ve been playing around with game development since I was a kid. I have my fair share of failed RPG Maker projects, mostly because of the lack of programming skills (at the time) and asset development. Afterwards, I decided to study on a systems analysis and development course (university/college) - 2011 - which I then stopped in 2013 to study game development (on another university). The university sucked and, well, I came back in 2015 and I’m OMW to finish it.

During this time, I’ve developed a lot of prototypes and small systems - from android/Java to nowadays servers in NodeJS. I always liked RPGs but I just really wanted to develop one of my ideas, which… seemed scarce. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve started the UE4 course yesterday mostly because one of my ideas, although not mind blowing, is pushing me to MMORPG development. I know it’s harsh and it’s a known “graveyard of broken dreams” when it comes to indie development, but you can only know when you try. I also believe I’ll get a lot of experience developing it, so what matters for me is not the financial value I’ll possibly get if I finish it nor the fame, but the experience when developing the MMORPG. I have a few failed projects and finished small games and I have a lot of experience when it comes to developing projects, so I know what’s ahead and I’m going for it.

Hope to meet friends here! Wish you all a good day.

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Welcome and I wish you all the luck in the world. Happy coding!

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Welcome and hello JessykAlycia,

Hope you find the course as good as I have. Sounds like you’ve got a head start with some game dev experience already, am certain that will be valuable during the course.

Good luck

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