Heli and Airplane. Just made this on Unity. Tell me Stuff

This Scene has a Helicoptor and an airplane above. :smiley: Let me know what you guys think.

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Did you post a picture?

there we go. i was tryin to figure out how i could get the pic to post without posting both of my tv screens. I just installed snagit from a previous bundle

There it is. Looks nice! :slight_smile:

ty i didnt know how to use unity at first but learning this is pretty cool. When i was younger i made an animated ball bounce up and down the screen but that was a very long time ago and this is honestly a bit more complicated than that but I enjoy messing around so this is fun.

If you enjoy creating assets in this style, take a look at MagicaVoxel. Importing one’s meshes into Unity is fairly easy.

oh i will take a look :slight_smile: tyvm

now im having an issue and im gettin too tired to mess with it lol. Fun stuff.

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