Hedge Wizard!

Here’s my completed game! Took a bit long, but I did it! All the art is mine and the code was done in bolt visual scripting.

Let me know what you think!


Amazing game! I really enjoyed it, love the music, the concept and everything about it… unfortunately I have terrible news, your game has a huge issue, the game becomes unplayable when in full screen, the UI doesn’t work at all, look at the following screenshot:

Look where the mouse cursor is, yet the quit button acts like the cursor is right on top of it. If I exit fullscreen mode the issue won’t reverse to its normal state, I had to play your game in window mode all the time.

Check the anchor points of the UI to fix this issue. Other than that I didn’t encounter any other issue, the game works like a charm and it’s really fun.

@Kevin-Brandon_Joseph Look at this game, you are gonna love it.

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@Yee Cool thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Yeah I haven’t really figured the whole UI scaling stuff… I just planned on having it play in windowed mode. However I can’t reproduce it. It works fine full screen for me.

Were you able to get to the end? Did you fine it hard or easy?

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Updated to fix some animation issues.

I very much enjoyed your game. The design is amazing as are the characters and effects.
Congrats on it!

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Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is awesome game! My wife really liked it and she forgot to put the children to sleep because she could not pass one level)))


Haha, thanks so much! I appreciate you guys playing my game! Glad you enjoyed it.