Head Model

Face loops.

Ear Loops

No sculpting.

Guess who? Public figure.


Brexit …

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coloured in.


Nice work :+1:.I see Boris Johnson here.

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I think, you did an amazing job here. The tone of the skin is very good. Not sure how you did that.

Great project!

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Thank you.

Actually the ‘painting’ was the easiest bit. It’s just the image front view I was using as reference, used as a texture map, via uv project from view, obviously straight front on. Side on its not perfect. The eyes are very simple just plain colours, glossy transparent Lens.

Hair As with the rabbit I can’t adjust to get just right. Should be more yellow.

I stopped playing with it at that point. Guess I could have sculpted in the crevasses, wrinkles, so they have real topology. Give the eyes proper irises, etc. Then I would need to Look up how to paint on the actual model, clone etc., the parts that are not as good on the sides.

Its odd Mikey did not go on to do a whole body, nor clothing. Can’t Have it all I guess. :grinning:
Have to work out such things from what I have picked up.


Wow :+1::+1:

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Boris! Aha brilliant! Nicely done!

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@Nemsith @XtremeJam87

Thank You. All done from normal modeling no sculpting. The updated course has gone all sculpting based, but there is still a good case to do it the other way.

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Goodness! You are so generous with your comments for myself and other people starting the courses that I thought I should check in and see what your work is like. This is fantastic. Good topology and an instantly recognisable model of Boris. Great stuff.


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