HDRI not working

I’m following these instructions and going to textures.com and getting the HD spheres. when I open to texture into my environment texture it does not update my viewdev to show the new background or new HDRI sphere. It will show as a background in render but not give me any of the light data. For most of the textures.com spheres it seems like they are jpeg and EXR files. Does my file need to be a different type? or what am I doing wrong?

update, it looks like it works for my render but just doesnt show in my shader tab so it doesnt update the little sphere at the bottom

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You need to tick the ‘viewport shading’ ‘scene world’ box. Dropdown to the right of the scene render types, wireframe etc.
Lights too if you want the fast Eevee shader viewport to use the hdri and lights you add to a scene rather than its own.


Thanks for the help


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