HDR Background renders

After starting and never finishing blender courses, I’m back starting all again and am going to actually make sure I complete the assignments and show people what I have done. Not only to keep myself accountable to actually do these tasks but to hopefully document in a way the improvements of my work over time.

Enough said, here are my 3 initial HDR renders. I personally like the outside grass one the most. The natural light just seems to really work.


Hi and welcome, it’s nice that you know how to use HDRI images.

The best use of environmental HDRI images is to create natural lights and reflections on materials. It’s less used as a background because it is difficult to match #D object and real-live imagery.

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Hi FedPete,

Yeah, of course, just that in this case the “assignment” was to create your final render using the HDRI as a background image.

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Good to get back t Blender and wish resolution to get though the courses!
Fine simple start.

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