Having troubles using sharemygame

Hi! I’m trying to upload an upgrade for my game.
My zipped file weighs 5.3mb but when I try to upload it this happen:

I’m using windows btw.

Thanks beforehand.


What software are you using to zip the build files?

Hi Rob!
I’m using winzip…

When you did your build you’d have selected a folder to place the build in, it’s this folder which needs to be zipped, not just the contents. Did you do that?

Yes sir :confused:
Maybe some trouble with the site?

Unlikely, it just gives the wrong error messages.

The usual issues are either using a different compression format, using Winrar, or having an incorrect folder structure.

Upload your zip file on here and I’ll have a quick look/try.

I did this before and everything went ok.
But I don’t know why it doesn’t work now…
This is my file:
Hacknagram.zip (5.2 MB)

Uploaded fine for me, here’s your game;

What browser are you using and did you use http or https in the URL?

Thanks Rob! :star_struck:
I’m using chrome with https. I deleted cookies too…

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The site only works properly on http… Try again using http://www.sharemygame.com rather than https://www.sharemygame.com

Rob you are the best! :smiley:
It’s done! https was the issue.
Thanks for your help and your time!! :blush:

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You’re very welcome, happy to help :slight_smile:

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