Having Trouble with Vertices Edges and Faces - HELP

Hi Guys - first time poster here

Im on section 2 lecture 17 - followed the instructor to the point where

When I select Vertex , Edge or Face on the box and try and try to Translate or Rotate etc

It Translates or Rotates the entire box -

also the entire box stays orange when i select Vertex or edge etc

I’ve watched the lecture now 3 times and cant understand where im going wrong

Any assistance appreciated


Maybe you figured it out already but here is what I can tell you:
Be sure to be in Edit Mode and not in Object Mode by pressing the TAB key to switch between modes, or use the menu in your 3D view header.
If you still have troubles selecting edges and vertices, maybe something is wrong with blender or your system settings ? Any strange configuration with your mouse or trackpad ? Keyboard shortcuts etc ?

Different selections in edit mode :

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