Having trouble integrating ads from admob into unity project

Ok so I’m not sure where to place this sorry if it’s in an inappropriate location. Im working my way through the unity 2d courses and during the glitch garden course i decided to make a complete game that i would pave in the Google play store. I finished 5 levels and built it for android. And i was so excited! It worked! I had my first game on my phone. Then i created admob account and tried to add ads to my project. I downloaded the Google ads unity file from admob and imported it to unity. Because i like to go step by step i then built the game again without coding in the ads. It still worked. Then following a tutorial (multiple actually) from admob and afew from youtube i coded in the ads. And built the project. It built successfuly but when opened on my phone it opens to the unity splash screen and then gives the error that the game has stopped working. I’ve tried different Ways of calling the ads but all with the same results. Is there anybody that could shed some light on the proper way of coding ads into mobile game?

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