Having Trouble getting Raylib working on my Mac M1


I have been having some issues getting raylib working on my M1 MacBook. Initially, it couldn’t find Raylib but now I’m having issues building it. Has anyone been able to resolve these issues?

Hi Dean,

Can you take a look at this question from a fellow student to see if the solution works for you?

Hey Tuomo,

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately that hasn’t seemed to have helped at all. Both the flags in task.json and running through the linked setup on the raylib site for XCode didn’t seem to do anything. I swapped to windows and got it working without any issues. It would have been nice to have it working on my Mac but I don’t fully understand what’s involved to get that working.

M1 support for Raylib from what I understand isn’t perfect, for sure. It doesn’t help that the homebrew build of Raylib isn’t maintained by the developer either (or so I understand)

I’m glad you’re able to move forward on Windows, at least.

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