Having issues with LineTrace and TakeDamage

First of all, I would like to say keep up the great work guys, I’m approaching the course a different way by adding guns to be picked up instead of attaching them to BeginPlay. Also, I’m using a USphereComponent and OnOverLapBegin UPrimitiveComponent. I’m not detecting Damage when I shoot the Enemy. I Also tried DebugLines / UE_LOG with Actor Hit Here is what I have so far.

To do the weapon equip? Or is there something I missed?

Are any printing?

Is the enemy derived from ABaseCharacter?

Yes the enemy is derived from ABaseCharacter, and yes to do the equipped weapon and no nothing is printing. I know it’s not really following the course but I wanted to experiment Unless I went about it wrong maybe there is a easier way to do it? :slight_smile:

Just making sure I understood correctly. It appears you never set the owner of the gun which would need to be done in the Equip code. So the PullTrigger code is currently bailing out rather early due to no owner.

That worked!! Thanks a bunch, Dan. Happy Thanksgiving! :slight_smile:

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