Having issues with Creating widget blueprints

When going through the video it is not very clear what the teacher is doing and you never see the whole blueprint and functions when going through the video. is there a good source on blueprint and nodes somewhere what each part means because i am working on unreal engine 2.26 and it does not seem like it is the same as the class videos?

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Could you expand on that a bit. What exactly doesn’t seem the same?

I can’t tell from the video what the end result should look like for each Graph page. Here are pictures of each page. of my WBP_GameStart. and BP_GameMode. My WBP_GameEnd Works both win and loss condition but not my Game Start. I dont gain control untill after time has elapsed but the game works otherwise.

Do you mean that the countdown doesn’t start? That would be because you never start the initial timer. Rob calls Set Timer by Function Name in InitialiseText after setting the text.

I have Go showing up with a delay and i added a value to the set game delay in the game mode but the number is not showing up or counting down. I don’t have the number showing for the time though?

Perhaps you missed my second sentence? I’m saying you’re missing this

No I call it there it still is not showing up.

You are passing in a start delay of 0 which is immediately going to remove the widget as the first thing Countdown does is decrement it and then -1 < 0 so clears the text.

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