Having issues selecting / Li'l red circle acts unexpectedly

It appears my issue was trying to select with Left Mouse button. Tried middle and then Right button,
and right button selects. Remember instructor saying something about this being different, using right button to ? This must’ve been what he was talking about. While I’m on the subject, what are the pieces called:

  1. What’s the x, y, and z arrows called? Axis? Vectors?
  2. What’s the red and white circle with a black line sticking out on four sides? It must be used for something, as in my many Left button clicks, it moves to where I clicked.

They are axis, yes. The the red/white cycle is the origin. This will make any new added meshes appear on it. Can’t help about the clicks, I don’t use the same as in the course, I’m on left click to select

Thank you for your response. The Instructor explains a bit about Origin,
and how to place it back in the circle within the Axis (Vid 2-19 or 2-20?).
I’ll look in preferences etc to see if the select button is changeable
there, because that’s odd that they’re different.

This section felt pretty good, start making some weird pyramid type structure, then made my way to the challenge and got the wedge in, once I get a hold of the short cuts to highlight vertices and faces, the work flow to create turbo’ed. Instructor’s got it on point!!! shortcuts4life!!!