Having issue with volumetric basics

Currently working with blender 3.0 and I’m following the Volumetric basics lesson and I’m unable to replicate the effect as presented in the lecture.
My settings here:

renderred view is just gray window
Not sure if I missed something, or I have set it up badly somehow

Would love some support, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Be aware then most lessons are given in an older version of Blender.
And the new Blender 3.x.x has a major overhaul in code and render engine (Cycles-X).

Using an older version is the best way to cope with new problems.
You can install multiple versions of Blender!
Blender installs itself in a different folder.

As a beginner, you don’t miss much with version 3.x.x.

  • You are using Eevee, which is using default setup in a very simplistic way. To gain render speed. So many things are different in comparison to Cycles. You need to switch a lot of options in Eevee to improve renders. But then Eevee will be slower.
  • Eevee renders volumetrics as a cube
  • Change the density of the volumetrics, to 0.1 ranges and see what is happening.

Let us kown, how you are making progress.

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Your density is over 1.

My sun light is on 1.

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Thanks for the response, I would prefer to stay at version 3+ as I still will want to switch in the future, better get used to work with the new layouts etc. I have changed the density to 0.005 and emission strenght also to 0.00x numbers and that has worked well. Thank you for helping


I know that we were supposed to do those lesson in 2.8 but I’m also using 3.0 and I have no regrets. Sometimes the feature has a different name, or require a different set of value but so far it’s worth it
Also, figuring out stuff is part of learning.


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