Having an issue with the Core prefab in the RPG course

Hey guys,

I’m having an issue with the Core / Player prefab in the RPG course, I’ve started a new project in the URP, after I bring everything over my Core prefab is putting the character in the air. I reset the position and bake the nav mesh but the player character spawns half in the terrain and i cant seem to pinpoint the cause of the issue.

Many thanks in advance.

This sounds like an animation/avatar issue.
Make sure that your player’s avatar corresponds to his imported model.
Assuming your player is using the Humanoid Rig (virtually all Synty are), make sure your animations are also using a Humanoid rig.
Verify that the NavMeshAgent cylinder is set so that the bottom of the Cylinder debug gizmo is exactly on the player’s feet while not playing. You’ll do this with the NavMeshAgent’s offset.

Yeah i realised after the fact that there were no animations setup in the new scene but fixed it.

Thanks for the response.

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