Having a circuit error on my game

I’m having an error that’s making my circuit stop before making its way to another waypoint. The name of the circuit is GameObject. There’s an error on the bottom of Unity Editor that says: “retrieving array element that was out of bounds”.

Does anyone know what this means, and how to fix this? Btw, the video has no audio but that’s because the screen recording has no sound. I’ll fix that in a second post in this thread. I’m out of time for now to do that. Thanks.

Edit: sorry, my screenshot’s been converted from .mkv to .mov . OBS was my screen capture application. This forum handles .mp4 so I’ll see if I can convert it into that with one of my paid converter apps.

Hi Enrique,

Did you implement Ben’s fix in the circuit script?

Oh yeah, you’re right! I skipped that part. Thanks. I’ll update you on my progress in a bit.

Did fixing the script solve your problem?

No , unfortunately it did not. I added the changes and instead had the error:

Invalid editor window UnityEditor.FallbackEditorWindow
UnityEditor.EditorApplicationLayout:FinalizePlaymodeLayout() (at /Users/builduser/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/GUI/EditorApplicationLayout.cs:75)

The changes to the code were made on line 255. A comment was made at the end of the line explaining the brief changes made to it. -1 was changed to 0 and ++i was changed to i++(increment)

Also, I started fiddling around with making a new script by copying one from poster Zaneris from this forum:

The script is on the bottom of the list and is called Newwaypointcircuit.cs

Unfortunately, your video is not working for me. I see a grey picture only.

The error message indicates that there might be an internal problem in Unity. Try to restart Unity. Did this fix it?

Which version of Unity do you use? Did you install the Circuit package from the Standard Assets you downloaded from the Unity Asset store?

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