Have reset project however level has reverted to the original objects and floor etc?

After resetting the project exactly how was shown. The level and objects have reset to the original table and two chairs with no room or anything.

I solved this problem by rebuilding the map again in Unreal and re-assigning the C++ components to the necessary assets again. (adjusting time delay again on trigger volume etc)

I have the same problem I think it has to do something with our get ignore. I reverted every single file I had from source tree and could not get rid of the starter minimal default layout.

I take your solution was to rebuild everything again? >_> This will be my 3rd time rebuilding everything again since sourcetree keeps letting me down. Next time I am just gonna export my project out unrealengine and of source tree forget about it. It works for me in the past via blender. But concerning unreal engine something is off so I am no longer gonna trust it with files…

Kinda got my Visual studios files so not a complete lost.

Good news is that since I have rebuilt my map so many times I getting really fast on how to use the interface. :slight_smile:

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The map file should be located in Content/NewMap.umap (possibly with a different filename).

The configuration of which map to open by default when opening the Unreal project is located in Config/DefaultEngine.ini. If these files are tracked by the Version Control System, just revert/reset them to the last working state, and you should be fine.

To make sure your whole project is safe, make sure that the following items are properly tracked by the VCS:

  • Config folder
  • Content folder
  • Source folder
  • uproject file

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