Has the lightning model changed in UE 4.26?

I’m using for all the lights literally the same values that Rick is using, but my version looks dramatically different than the one shown in the videos, much brighter as to say. Does anyone know if the lightning model has changed in the latest versions of Unreal? Thanks

There’s 172 matches for light in 4.26 changelog. Possibly since 4.26 allows moving of projects to 5.x which should have improvements with light and not just.

What an insane changelog! They sure earn their salaries. I’ll check on Epic online learning to see if they have a course on the new lightning, since it really changes the mood of a scene

It would be interesting if they update all the documentation with each version release. I don’t think they do.

They do a lot with each release but they are only human and there will be plenty of bugs as well lol. Polish isn’t something they know too well :sweat_smile:

Lol true. It’s the price to pay for all those As

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