Has anibody recently gotten the damage text lection working?

I am in this lecture:

I have now spent almost a FULL hour trying to follow this lecture. I am completely lost with what Sam is doing…
First: I have the 3 elements in my damage text prefab. I think nowerdays everybody will have that as it is like that on recent version. can you please update this lecture?

When I create the animation clip on my camera facing text (the middle one in the prefab) and click on the text (the 3rd one), I need to create a new clip? do I need to make several clips?

the way he keyframes seems to have slightly changed, too. I need to select everything on the left in the animation window to keyframe everything.
but still it doesn’t work.
can someone please guide me on how to follow this lecture on a current version?
I already wasted an hour trying to get this done and it is a quite frustrating to fail on such a simple thing :confused:

Thanks! !!!

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Can you post a screenshot of your Damage Text prefab along with the inspector? I duplicated Sam’s code today in 2020.1.3 and nothing appears to have changed in how to make an animation. I was able to do everything with one clip.