Hard surface practice

Hello 3d artist! I was a little away from the Gamedev course to experiment a little in other topics, of course, I couldn’t do what without the course help, so I’m pretty grateful of Gamedev’s team.

So, no more words…hope you like it


Great effort ! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Very impressive and inspiring! Well done! :+1::+1::+1::star_struck:

How did you modeled the profiles of the wheels?

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Do you mean the thing that sticks out?
It’s not so difficult but has some steps to follow.

I’ll make a little tutorial for you here. Give me some time but long story short is only one piece, array modifier (x24) and (object offset) rotation around a central object (15 degrees).

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thanks, yes took a while to do it

hope helps!


Before anything Superb model Pablo!

You can use an Empty too doesn’t need to be a mesh object.

There is also another “more advanced” form of this where you use it to make the tire itself.
Which can also be used to make the Rims.

And can also see @Jada using it to make her crowns hehe

This below but instead of using Deform(Bend) (in CG Masters Video around 33min) you can use the Array techniche that @Pablo_R shows to close the tire


Thank you Pablo for your helpful vid! :slight_smile:

@ Pablo

I have tried to model a simple car wheel and made also a little tutorial, so I could remember the technique in a few weeks. Maybe it is helpful for others, too.

@ capa
Thanks for your link. I bookmarked your post and will show the vid, when I am a little bit better in hardsurface modeling…

I got hooked doing this little Bobcat so I made his big brother (still more details to add but so far so good.

The dirt loader (I don’t know the correct name) was a nightmare of topology when I made it, but instead of doing it again I clean it up vertex by vertex, edges by edges and faces by faces.
Was time-consuming but I learned a lot in the process.


That is so AMAZING!!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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“So good” indeed!

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You just inspired me to finally

some tweaking and fun with this model


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