Happy with course. Not going to follow this section

First, I’m happy with this course. I have learned a lot from the other sections, and I feel like what I have learned is good value.

That said, I won’t be following this section. It’s very obvious that the Instructor in this section is flying by the seat of his pants, and the bouncing is very uncomfortable and distracting. It makes it worse that any time you edit a header file, you should close EUEditor and compile and he will do tiny little edits, jump in to the editor, then just back to code to do tiny little edits, and on and on. On top of that, he’s bouncing between header and cpp files way more than he needs to already because he isn’t thinking ahead even a little. Some people will say that he’s teaching the process as it flows, but if you’ve followed the other sections in this course (great content) you see how that can be done much more linearly and clearly.

On top of all of that, he’s teaching back practices already.

So, thank you GameDevTV, for another bunch of quality content at a reasonable price. I’m a fan overall, but I think I’ll just watch this one and see what tidbits I can pickup, and hope not to pickup any bad habits from it, but I’m going to get whiplash if I try to follow along on this one.

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