Halloween Pumpkin Bird

Official final image:

Some other perspectives and views of the scene:

For this project I created the pumpkin bird and rigged him, which was a bird model with the head removed. The crow model I just added a head to it. The rig works which is a lot of fun. I look forward to using them in future projects.

I am really awful at getting themed images done in time, so I’m really happy I was able to complete this and I got the image I pictured originally out for the most part. Hopefully in the future I can re-create it and see even better results. I’d love any tips or feedback; I am hoping the composition is a little better than most of my pieces.

Work in progress shots:


A great study in modeling, composition, and lights.
I think the lantern light could be more present, more glow on the pumpkins.


Thank you for the feedback! I was unsure about adding the lantern at all, but my partner said they liked it a lot and that it could be brighter too.
I think the lighting itself is probably still my weakest element, and the materials since I didn’t try to add textures this time around.


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