Hair with particle system does not stick to the subject

I am trying to add fur to a cat with a hair particle system for the current Collab. I am currently adding the particle system to a model of a cat with all modifiers applied in advance to avoid possible interactions and issues with them (all, including posing with an armature).

For some reason I cannot find out, the hairs seemed to come from the cat but at some point they just decided to come from out of the surface (just see them at the ears). With so many options, I don’t seem to find what I may have changed.

Could anyone help me locate where the issue comes from?

Thank you very much!


First of all, the particle system has been moved to geo-nodes.
The old system is still there and I must admit I like the old way.
Now you (I) need to learn how geo-nodes work …

That said, you problem looks familiar, but I’ve no immediate answer.

  • It looks like you problem is introduced with the children of the hair particles. See particle base, scaling …)
    I forgot all the hair-terms, but check if the problem still occurs when you don’t have particle children.
  • Do you have modifiers in place (sub division)
  • Check object scaling also
  • Particle needs to be generated after Blender modifies the mesh.

Thank you! Yes, I had applied all modifiers because during previous experiments it seemed to be important. I also see that the particle system does not take into account the parts I “paint” as “not for hairs” when children are used. Just for anyone interested, the hairs went back to the surface after increasing the number of segments per hair and removing the gravity effect. But yes, I guess that geo-nodes is the next stop for this!


In my memory it has something to do with the hair normals and the face plane where they need to appear onto (or not).
Also a trick could be (old system) to use in the final modeling state, triangular faces (use modifier).
Also check how particles are places on the face (by default around the normals …?)


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