Hair polycount too high

I just finished the hair rigging video and I noticed how crazy high poly count they were and how much they added on to the model and I am really confused as to why, they are only a path with a circle curve. or is the number of subdivided points on the circle contribute to such a high poly count? I only have maybe 6-8 vertices on the circle itself. I also had to turn my subdivision down from 2 to 1 on my entire model to reduce poly count, it was altogether at 460k, after turning it all down it went to 46k without the hair. What could I do to reduce the polycount further without touching the subdivision again? I heard it was good practice for 20-30k models for game optimization (I want to use it for unreal engine)

Without hair^

With hair^

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I think both:

  • A line (curve) has points
  • Each curve point has a circle made of points
  • A sub-division will increase this exponentially.
  • many hair paths are hidden by other hair parts, making it less efficient.

You can transform paths to mesh data, Join all the hair in one object, then re-mesh to get the optimized mesh with fewer vertices.

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Make a sample one hair piece the same. Then convert it to mesh. You will see where the verts are. It is related to the curve segments and resolution. Then doubled or quadrupled up by subdiv use.

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