Had to buy a new Screen during course... so designed a new VESA mount

It may seem off the topic at hand BUT I had a chance to test my skills so far (I’m new to 3D modelling)

I purchased a new monitor that did not have VESA style mounts and needed to construct a adapter and thought 'Hey let’s test my knowledge so far of Blender"

So with very little experience I thought I would share this with everyone.

VESA adapator design - mount any monitor to a VESA stand

I can’t believe that with only 30% of the course completed I can actually do this…woohooo


Good ‘Hard surface’ model!

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Good modeling for a real world project. I Have used Blender for similar intents.

Currently, you have it seems to me, something that attaches to the mount screw holes but not to anything else, like a stand or wall!

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Thank you for the kind words. I’m literally a newbie from zero to now so this was comforting to achieve.

best wishes

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I have a vesa wall mount swivel system so I needed to make a way for the non-VESA screen to attach to the VESA plate on the unit. I carefully measured the whole width and diameter to be able to make attachement arms that simply screw on to the existing armature.

so technically all I need is the 4 lengths of metal, screws, coach bolts and 4x rubbers tubes to protect the screen edges.

This has been fun and I have never 3D modeled till this course so for me this was so satisfying.

kind regards

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