Had to add a rigidbody

I couldn’t get the collider in this section to work without adding a rigidbody to the player object. Which is odd because they don’t seem to have one in the video.

Does this matter? Did I miss something?

In the video, player doesn’t have Rigidbody component but maybe other game object has one?
There is a Trigger / Collider Table about that.

First line ---- shows which component GameObject1 has (Rigidbody or collider or etc);
First column shows which component GameObject2 has (Rigidbody or collider or etc);

And what happens if they both collides. Trigger or collision? I hope this table helps you.
Or maybe this one.


Thanks. I actually realized after asking that he had put one on the collider itself. Guess I just missed that in the video.

In order for collisions to work, one of the two objects involved in the collission must have a RigidBody (and of course, both must have a collider).

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