Hacking into Hogwarts! Can you see into Voldemort's Pensieve?

Had a lot of fun making this one, hope another Harry Pot-head out there enjoys it!

THE GAME IS CASE SENSITIVE by the way :slight_smile:

Hogwarts Hacker

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Quite a lot of fun! Nicely worded game.

Took me a little while to work out to use upper case, but my fault for not reading properly. Only thing I could say that may need some attention is when typing a password after first fail the same message appears. Though that could be intentional.

9 3/4 out of 10!

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I really enjoyed the the commentary on the failed guesses as well as the win screens.

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Having the clues in CAPS and the menu commands in lowercase created some input flow issues for me. The themeing and writing is great.

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Really glad you enjoyed it! I did purposefully use CAPS in one place and lower case in another. Since the game is so short and simple I wanted to make sure people would be able to see the error messages as well as the win screens and figured it would be a good way to add a small level of difficulty that hopefully wasn’t frustrating!

Thanks! I had a good chuckle writing them :slight_smile:

I did put the upper case in there as a little challenge since the game is so short and simple, I hoped that it would add a small amount of diffiuclty without adding frustration (and to make sure that players would see my lose screens since I had such fun writing them!) Thanks for the feedback on the repeated fail message, that was something that i did notice messed up the flow a bit and I will look into fixing it :slight_smile:

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