Hacker Terminal Text Overflow Problem?

Interestingly, I haven’t seen this problem asked here before. When I type sentences longer than a certain length, the characters overflow to the next line and don’t break correctly at the end of words. I’ve included in the screenshot the Hacker.cs file, the game, the open hierarchy and the console. I followed the instructions without altering anything else to my knowledge.

Edit: I realise now I should have posted this to the Q&A section. As I can’t seem to delete this post, I’ll leave it this time.

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Hi Andy,

You didn’t do anything wrong. Feel free to post your questions in the Q&A section or here on GameDev.tv. :slight_smile:

Regarding your issue, split into two or more parts until you are happy with its appearance in the game window.

Thanks, Nina.

So are you saying that it’s a known problem with the game rather than a bug on my end?

The characters per line are limited in one of Ben’s and Rick’s classes, which was designed to display shorter lines of text. Your lines are longer. I would not call this a bug, though, because the class has never been intended to be used for longer lines.

Thanks for clearing that up.

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