Hack Attack (my Terminal Hacker game)

Hi guys,

This was so much fun, even if it was just a small stepping stone in learning Unity.
Please give my version of Terminal Hacker, called Hack Attack a go, and let me know what you think. I’ve tried to handle messages as well as possible, including keeping the player informed of available options, and/or where they currently are in the game.

Please look at things like

  • the main menu screen, how it handles incorrect values
  • the request password screen, and how it reads (does it show enough info, is it easy to understand?)
  • the win screen(s), how they display and handle anything typed AFTER winning

I hope you all enjoy my version, and can’t wait to see more from other gaming/unity dev enthusiasts :smiley:

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Nice work man! I audibly cracked up when I saw the first option! :rofl:

2 and 3 REALLY ramp up in difficulty!! Wow. :flushed: I got totally stumped on the last one. But I’m not great at unscrambling words either.

Sweet stuff. I really liked the personal touches to make it your own.

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