Hello dudes and dudettes.
This being my first 3D-game ever and a bowling-game to boot I decided to make a tribute to the movie The Big Lebowski through the BowlMaster challenge. I went a slightly different route than outlined in the course material but in the end implemented similar features and overcame similar obstacles in similar ways.

Beyond the scope of the class Gutterballs also features:

  • Player selection screen with cinematic intro
  • Multi-player support (up to 5 players)
  • Each player has their own unique ball and may also have customised skills (force, spin, etc)
  • Character-and-context-specific game event triggered sound system
  • Spinning of the bowling ball based on moving background as a visual timing queue
  • The possibility of applying a wishful-thinking force to the ball after it has launched (the dude abides)
  • A completely reworked responsive GUI with instructions of how to play the game
  • Instead of a lane we bowl on a rug (The Rug, because, well, it really ties the room together)
  • Did I mention the background is trippy AND controls the spin of the ball?

Give it a try at Gutterballs at

Iā€™d love any and all feed-back :slight_smile:



HaHAHA absolutely loved it!!!

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Is this your game, Lars? Is this yours? Is this your game, Lars? Have you ever heard of Vietnam?

Seriously, awesome job!


Thank you! That reaction pretty much sums up what I was going for :smiley:

Much abliged! The dude abides :smiley:

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