Gurukk slowly learns how to walk (manual walk cycle)

Before going Mixamo route I decided to give it a shot and tried to make a simple walk cycle “by hand”. Result is far from ideal, but it is recognizable as walking :sweat_smile:

On a side note… Have nobody posted their own animations before or is udemy lecture 108. linking to some random label? :thinking:


Nice! Maybe missing shoulder and hip motion… you need those to follow-through to make it convincing.

Yeah, not a lot of videos posted… Could not be bothered to open another account like Vimeo or Youtube, so since this site stopped accepting mp4s haven’t posted anything beyond a 2sec gif myself…

Will probably have to do something about that soon… I miss sharing animations.


Good start. I just imaging them lumbering along, big side to side sway.
The cop out Miximo way might be hard to find original Ogre motion capture to use! Having him walk like a dainty human ballerina may not be very convincing. :rofl:


Michael was using this.

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Thanks for the tips!

Oh cool! Will definitely look at the old course!

Ha! There is one monster cycle animation. I wonder how did they motion capture it :thinking: :rofl:

Here it is applied to Gurukk:

:thinking: I wonder if it wouldn’t be easier to just merge all the objects before exporting to Mixamo. It’s cumbersome and tricky to weight paint all the individual pieces I have… :thinking:


… and here is my first test of the Ogre in Unreal Engine:

Sorry for the jaggedness (I just manually switch animation, it’s not fully set up yet) and quality of recording and the scene. That video is just a “proof of concept” (I wanted to check how much trouble can it give).

The importing went surprisingly easy. Just drag and drop fbx file and plug in textures into material.


There are some students here on this forum, who have a lot of problems importing stuff.
X,Y and Z-axis problems, armature problems …
So you did a good job in preparing the Orc before import.

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That’s basically the only thing I needed to do is to set correct forward and up axes while exporting from Blender (unreal has X as a forward and Z as up). Though there might be some issues further along the way as yesterday I basically just clicked button in the engine to change the animation. I’ll tackle them along the way though. First thing I think I want to figure out a way of retargeting the animations to Epic standard skeleton (as I have many animations for it) and learn how to design customizable character (for example make possible to change clothing).

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Maybe there are differences between Unreal and Unity?
That is creating confusion on these channels.

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Yes, unity have different axes meaning assigned to them (don’t remember which ones, but different both to Blender and Unreal). That is always confusing (I always have to google it before moving things between different pieces of software :sweat_smile:)… Plus Grant shows only axes setup for unity - which people might have problems when following without thinking of significance (that is weak point of this part of the course - Grant just show what to click while exporting without explaining what those options mean).

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