'GUIText' is obsolete

Spent all evening trying to get this to work, but having no luck. I was finally able to download a working copy of Unity 2019 (2019.4.40f1 LTS), and downloaded the assets that another person provided in these comments since they are no longer available from the Unity asset store. I add my plane, then add the RigidBodyFPS Controller, and get the following error when I press play:

Assets/Standard Assets/Utility/SimpleActivatorMenu.cs(11,16): error CS0619: ‘GUIText’ is obsolete: ‘GUIText has been removed. Use UI.Text instead.’

Can anyone help me fix this? Thanks!

The error is telling you how to fix it; ‘Use UI.Text instead’. Double-click on the error and replace GUIText with UI.Text.

That was actually the first thing I tried. When I make that replacement, I then get this error:

Assets/Standard Assets/Utility/SimpleActivatorMenu.cs(11,16): error CS0246: The type or namespace name ‘UI’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

You are missing a using directive for the namespace. Add it

using UnityEngine;


using UnityEngine.UI;

and then you only need to replace GUIText with Text

or just fully qualify it on the replacement

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That worked! Thank you very much.

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