Guard Walks Sideways

Hi, I’ve just completed the ‘Waypoint Patrol Section’ , but I’ve noticed that the BP Guard doesn’t walk straight between the waypoints but partially slides between the points. Has anyone noticed that. Suspect its to do with the rotation of the guard.

Hi Nick,
I would, as a first instance anyway, review the setup of the guard up to this point. It is most likely as you suggested set the rotation wrong but it could be something else so go back through the video and just double-check everything. It will probably be a tiny thing so take your time.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve checked the setup of the BP Guard and its basically a clone of he BP Dummy, and I cant see anything that I’ve done wrong. I’ve played with a few of the rotation setting but nothing changes.
I’ve set up a square of the waypoints. Between each of the WPs he walks sidewards rather facing the WP.
When he sees me, he chases me diagonally. Whereas another guard without WPs chases in a forward direction.

Ok, without seeing the project I can’t really do anything so can you zip your project folder and upload to and let me know when done and I’ll take a look at the project.

Hi, I’ve just uploaded the project as requested.
Thanks & Regards, Nick

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Ok, Downloaded, had an initial look. I deleted and added a guard in with waypoints and it actually made it worse rather than better. I will try spend a bit of time digging over the weekend but it maybe be Sunday or later before I get back to you. Something is fundamentally wrong but can’t quite place my finger on it yet.

This may take a while and I may have to go through all the videos again myself and recreate the guard.

Just curious but have you tried grabbing the assets from end of lecture and see how they behave?

Hi beegeedee, Thanks for the response. No need to rush as I’ve got another tutorial to have a go at.
Enjoy the weekend.

Ok, I managed to solve your issue. Took a while. There are a couple of things.

First, in the video AI Chase Player - some of of the settings are missing on the dummy/guard, relating to rotation. Watch this video again and note you’ve got these set

Next, I noticed that the rotations are set incorrectly on the guard blueprint and is more tricky. Both the Scene component and the mesh need to have the rotation set to -90.

Here’s the kicker, you’re also going to have to manually ensure the Guard in the scene is set correctly. Once I did this, everything started working as expected.

Took a while but we got there. Good luck and feel free to reach out if you’re still having issues.

Thanks for the response. After I amended the rotation setting everything works as it should.
So please consider this issue closed.
Thanks for your help

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You’re most welcome. it’s an interesting issue and so easy to overlook. It’s always handy to have someone else take a look.

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