Guard sliding instead of walking

If your guard is sliding around instead of walking, change the Update Animation node in ABP_Manny to look like this:

(i.e. disconnect Acceleration from ShouldMove)
For some reason AIMoveTo doesn’t count as acceleration.

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I just helped another student correct this issue. The issue can have many causes, one of which is the animation blueprint is not configured correctly. In the case of this student, the issue was the rotation within the BP_Guard was set incorrectly and also a couple of checks relating to rotation were missed.

If the course is followed closely for setting up the animations etc, this will work and no further changes are needed. I don’t think it should be necessary to make the changes you made.

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Thanks. I was having the same issue and went back some lectures.
In my case, the issue was that in the BP_Guard, I had the wrong Anim class assigned.
I had ABP_Manny_C assigned to it for some reason, but it should be ABP_Robber (well with the “_C”, not sure why it adds it). When changed it, it started walking/ jogging, so all good.

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I had this same issue. I found an article. All I had to do was go to the character movement component, go to Nav movement, then Tick “Use Acceleration for Paths” and that worked.


Works now. Thank you!

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