Guard collision

Hi , i have a big problem collision and i dont find what is this , i cant show an video here ! I try and try but nothing ! I try by your file and its same :confused: … My ABP use IK and more . After the guard is dead i have collision problem

sorry for my english am french (QC) :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the community.

If your guard is based on the third person character and you followed the course, this should work just as expected. I see you’ve added the metahuman but at this point in the course you shouldn’t be using one - they are added in the middle of the environment section of the course. You also can’t just use the metahuman as is, you have to create a custom blueprint which is based on the Third Person character in the third person template.

One of the key areas of game dev is work with prototypes until you are happy everything works as expected and then add things like Quixel assets and metahumans.

So, try doing this first and let me know how you get on.

thanks for your response but i tried that and its same … I was wondering how you all go about handling NPC death and what you do about the collision afterwards? In my project I’m working on, I can kill NPCs fine (edit for clarity: and get a ragdoll working), but handling the collision afterwards confuses me. I know you can set the capsule collision to “No Collision”, which removes the capsule so you don’t get invisible barriers where they used to be.Without collision, I can’t do that. And also I’ve noticed when I remove the collision, sometimes the NPCs randomly disappear when they touch another actor or static mesh

It should be exactly as in the course. I never had issues with the npc falling through the floor which is what I suspect it happening. I actually just finished reviewing the entire course myself yesterday. There is probably a setting that has been overlooked.

I fought with the AI component to get the guards to chase me. Turns out I missed a simple setting in the behaviour tree.

So, I would review the video dealing with the guard take down and double check every setting.

This is all I could suggest without seeing the project.

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