Gryphon Quest (Overscoped Laser Defender)

I’ve finally finished my version of the Laser Defender game from the 2D course, and after slightly overscoping my Block Breaker game I said to myself “Next time I’m just going to do it nice and simple”.
… This game was even more overscoped.

First off I got a good friend of mine to help out with the art (as he is a talented comic artist and has been intrested in making games).
And we started out by asking ourselves if we couldn’t make a different setting than Sci-fi for a shooter game, so we made a fantasy themed shooter instead.

Fun things I did for this project (in no particular order):

  • Animations, both sprite sheet animations and code manipulated.
  • the body of the character moving when steering.
  • Background sprites picked at random spawning and scrolling down with the background for a more interesting background than empty ocean.
  • A comic book panner.
  • Music & Sfx, neither are mindblowing but I made them myself.
  • Gamepad Support
  • Power ups
  • A enemy that takes aim before firing in the direction of the player.
  • A boss fight
  • Customized the wave system from the course to have it stop spawning enemies and instead move to the boss fight
  • Menu system for keyboard / gamepad rather than mouse
  • Healthbars

I also wanted to make a water shader & some sort of water ripple around the background objects.
But luckily I gave up on that idea, otherwise I would still not be done.

This game took a couple of months to finish due to: my full time job, still learning C#, my team mate beeing completely new to game development and unity, his job & a dash of good old procrastination.

Overall I’m very happy with what I’ve made and I’m looking forward getting started with the Glitch Garden project (because I have no idea how I would overscope such a game).

Great art and also this game. The only thing that I disliked is a rate of fire and very small playspace. It would feel great if you scale down models by 80 -70%.

Wow, this is not a overscoped game - I would argue this is how more of us should try to get the our games to be like as far as completeness of game play, art, sfx and ui goes before calling them done.
The music art and animations are great.
Agree with 111100 on increasing the fire rate for the player. Overall excellent effort.

Thank you both for the kind words.

I went for a slower rate of fire as I thought it felt more fitting for the character and setting, but perhaps it’s one of these cases of “it doesn’t matter what you want, it’s what the audience wants”.

Something I could’ve done is to have other people play test the game while I was making it.
I did all the testing myself so naturaly no one pointed out things like rate of fire or playspace size at the time.

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