Grouping of Wikis?

There was a great post on the Unity forum the other day which I thought would be worthy of converting into a Wiki (not presently done). The user had categorised lots of free/cheap resources for Unity.

From what I can tell, converting/flagging a post as a Wiki only seems to remove the limitation of the OP updating it, thus anyone can update it in Wiki fashion. The only downside that I have seen so far is that the Wiki posts are a little scattered to the wind, e.g. if I wanted to specifically find those resources again I would have to bookmark or search, if I were a new member I wouldn’t have already booked marked it, any may not thinking to search, or use the wrong terms.

With your mention of creating some custom SQL regarding the badges, I wondered whether it may be possible to do something similar for posts that are converted to/flagged as Wiki - and then have them all appear under a non-postable sub-forum linked with the other categories for each course?

For example: Under Unity where you currently have Programming, Public, Collaborate etc you’d also see a link to Wiki. The sub-forum would load and be populated with any posts flagged as Wiki from that Course.

I’m guessing comments on the original post remaining after flagging as Wiki, but it could be beneficial to not pull those through with the SQL, just the main post - that way there is a very clear, concise return of information. In the same way I don’t think being able to post a new post to the Wiki’s sub-forum would be appropriate, it should just collate from all other sources for the course (like an RSS feed I guess).

Suggestion only, appreciate it’s a bit of work - am actually surprised that something doesn’t already existing to support it by default?


It would seem typing in:wiki into the search brings back all posts in Wikis… :flushed:

Not sure it’s as obviously as the suggestion above…

Good find Rob. See also the student lecture notes post. I’d love to see this, just need to work out best format. Could even by by lecture tab too.

I clicked on the options link on the search modal, I’m guessing these filters probably directly match to corresponding fields in the database for the forums.

Absolutely, could be handy… sorry to keep creating more work though! :smiley:


I got a reply back from Jeff regarding this, he mentioned about the ability to use categories in the search also, so for example:

in:wiki #unity

Returns all of the wiki’s for the Unity category - it would be something worthy of consideration for the “About” topic posts perhaps, e.g. a link to wiki’s for that specific category.

Unfortunately at this time there doesn’t seem to be a way to enter multiple categories, so you can’t have;

in:wiki #unity, #unreal


in:wiki #unity AND in:wiki #urc_s03_unreal

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