Grids and models

I’m wondering about something I’ve noticed. That is, of the two editors I’ve used for 3-D levels, one showed models with no grid (Bethesda’s) and the other (Unity) showed the grid but no models. Isn’t there an editor that shows both?

Is that related to a specific games level editor?
Or unitys scene editor window.

Sorry, just thought id ask as im not sure what situation your discussing.

Unity, when in the scene editor window should show the ground plane grid and models.

Yes, before I started using Unity I’d dabble in creating interiors for the Elder Scrolls games. They show you what’s being built, but the grid is invisible. I like it that Unity shows the grid too.

Well Unity does show the ground plane grid by default. Toggleable via the Gizmos button above scene view window and toggle show grid.

All depends on how u want to use it and how u want it to look and behave.

U can move things around in incremental chunks.

Never seen the bethesda editor, but if unity doesnt have what u need out of the box so to speak. The editor is fully customisable via editor script, or have a look on asset store or online to see if there is a solution to the workflow you need that someone has already created

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