Grid Game "Zombie Apocalypse"


Flee and Catch

Zombie Apocalypse

„Survivors“ need to reach the other side of the board.
„Zombies“ have to catch the „Survivors“.

1 cardboard 5x5 grid playboard (“destroyed city” design)
3 green token „Survivors“
3 red token „Zombies“
6 cards per player with movement actions (so beautyful designed, that you want to fram it :wink: )

„Survivors“: 3x1 tile, 2x2 tiles, 3 tiles
„Zombies“: 3x1 tile, 2x2 tiles, 3 tiles

Core Rules:
Place your token on your side on any of the 5 tiles. „Zombies“ go first.
One player at a time uses his movement cards. The used cards are taken out of the game.
Choose and agree who goes first.
When a „Zombie“ token touches a „Survivor“ token the „Survivor“ token is taken out of the game.
„Survivors“ can’t jump over „Zombies“.
Shuffle and draw again, if the game isn’t over yet.

(Maybe add some random debris on the playboard, placed equaly by both players)

Win Conditions:
If more than 1 „Survivor“ reaches the end of the board, the „Survivors“ have won.
If the „Zombies“ have caught more than one „Survivor“, the „Zombies“ have won.

I just love the “Zombie Apocalypse” Theme. You can expect more from me like this :smiley:
The Playtest went okayish… my wife just hasn’t the endurance and passion for boardgames like me :smiley:
I want to go on with the other sections and if you guys like to hear more, I can edit this post or make an answer, when my friend and me had time to test this and maybe the game from the next section. :wink:

I am really enjoying this course, because it’s not the first time that I experiment with boardgames. ATM I have a pretty big game in a testphase (we played it like three times), but it jut doesn’t work the the way i would like to… (it’s a hybrid of Catan, Scotland Yard and Legends of Andor and you guessed it… with Zombies :wink: )
I hope this course helps me get on the right tracks.

Thank you and see/read you soon!

Dominik aka Exitus